Distance Learning Guidelines

All About Distance Learning


As you know, our 2021-2022 school system calendar identifies three make-up days in June should our schools have to close as a result of inclement weather. However, should the school system need to close as a result of inclement weather and the three make-up days has been used, schools will instead move to distance learning. Below are the expectations for your child’s learning on these distance learning days.

The below documents give a detailed overview of what you and your child should expect during these distance learning days. Now, we also know that connectivity and the availability of devices remains an issue for many of our families, so please rest assured that in alignment with our policies, your child will have five (5) school days from the date we return to in-person learning to complete any assigned schoolwork. Schools will also will make every effort to give your child opportunities to complete their work within this timeframe.

Should you have any questions about distance learning for your child, please contact your child's teacher and/or school for more information.