Beyond the Bell: Kindness Counts

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Beyond the Bell: Kindness Counts
Posted on 06/11/2019
Authored by Jane Chisholm
The Kindness Club in SHMS’s Eagles Pride Afterschool Academy focused on ways to show kindness in our school. The club focused on how to be kind to others and how to show random acts of kindness. One of their first activities was to write encouraging notes to students who were taking MCAP testing. They taped these encouraging notes to the students’ lockers. An ongoing activity was to make stamped bracelets. The students stamped words about kindness, love and respect on the bracelets along with symbols of kindness. Each student made two bracelets, one for themselves and one to give to a friend or family member. Students also painted and hid kindness rocks around the Snow Hill Middle School playground. Lastly, Kindness Club students made posters about kindness and displayed them in various places around the school. The students had a lot of fun and hope that they were able to brighten someone’s day with their acts of kindness. At SHMS, students are definitely learning that kindness does count!

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