New Hire Orientation

Welcome to Worcester County!

Congratulations on your new position with Worcester County Public Schools! We’re delighted that you’re joining our community of faculty, staff, students and alumni all contributing toward WCPS’s mission of graduating college and career ready students. A noble goal, indeed, and now you are a part of it!

As a member of our highly qualified teaching staff or our valuable support staff, we value you and are grateful that you have decided to lend your talents and expertise to Worcester County!

Before you start in your new career, please be sure to fill out any and all appropriate paperwork by visiting one of the below webpages depending on your position:

Teachers and 12-Month Employees

Support Staff (includes Custodians, Cafeteria Managers, Maintenance, Secretaries, & Nurses)

If you're unsure which category your new position falls under, please contact the Office of Human Resources by calling 410-632-5000.

Thank you again for joining the Worcester County Public Schools family. We look forward to working with you!