Digital Conversion

"It is essential that we prepare our students for their future, not our past." - Jerry Wilson, Superintendent

To connect classrooms to future work environments, Worcester County Public Schools emphasizes personalized education for our students. Personalized education enables students to develop a deep understanding of self, world, career, and their own pathway to success. A tool key to personalized learning? Technology!

Digital conversion is more than having a one-to-one ratio of student-to-computing device, although the ratio is required for full implementation. Rather, digital conversion is about shifting the culture associated with teaching and learning. In Mark Edwards' book "Every Child, Every Day," he writes, "Digital conversion refers to the transformation of instruction from a paper-based world to a primarily digital world, in which every student and teacher has access to a personal computing device and the Internet anytime/anywhere." This transformation affects "instruction, pedagogy, professional development, student and teacher motivation, student-teacher roles, learning experiences, and relationships."

Digital conversion supports more authentic learning that students need for college and career readiness.