Enrollment Information


We are excited to have your child enroll in Worcester County Public Schools. Any school-age child will be accepted for enrollment in that child’s attendance area school if the child lives with a custodial parent, legal guardian, or a relative who is providing informal kinship care and that relative is a resident of Worcester County. Additionally, any school-age child who is considered homeless according to the McKinney-Vento Act of 2001.

At the time of enrollment, new residents to Worcester County will be asked to provide proof of residency. In addition, the following enrollment documents must be completed for return to the school registrar on the day of enrollment:

  • Complete online Enrollment Registration Process (Click here for our Parent Guide)
  • Maryland Schools Record of Physical Examination with current immunizations
  • Official state-issued birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Court custody documents (if applicable)
  • Proof of Residence in the name of the parent/legal guardian (provide one of the following):
    • Home ownership papers (deed, mortgage coupon within the last three (3) months with the parent’s/legal guardian’s name and physical address)
    • Incorporated lease (lease agreement from realty company)
    • Non-incorporated lease agreement (landlord provides a signed, notarized lease agreement verifying that the parent/legal guardian resides at that address
    • Utility bill that clearly displays the residential address as the service address (A billing address is not sufficient enough proof of residency)
  • Proof of Residence not in the name of the parent/legal guardian (provide all of the following):
    • Notarized Residency Statement 2 signed by residency owner
    • Copy of Proof of Residence for residency owner (utility bill, landline phone bill, lease/mortgage statement, or property tax bill)
    • Notarized Affidavit of Disclosure signed by parent/legal guardian
  • Maryland Transfer Record card (SR7) is required for students transferring from one Maryland Public School to another
  • School Messenger Enrollment Form (for school broadcast communications)
  • Transcript or current report card (for high school students)
  • IEP or 504 services plan (if your child currently receives special education or 504 services)
  • Pre-Kindergarten Experience Form (PreK – Kindergarten only)
  • PreK-3 or PreK-4 Application (if applicable)
  • Proof of Income for PreK-3 and PreK-4 students ONLY (provide one of the following for each parent)
    • Previous year Federal Income Tax form
    • Unemployment Verification
    • Active Temporary Cash Assistance Verification
    • Active Food Stamp Verification
    • 3 most current consecutive pay stubs from current employer
    • Foster Care Proof of Income