Teacher Certification

Maryland certification is managed by the Maryland State Department of Education.

Mission Statement

To ensure, through certification standards, that each student is served by professional educational staff who possess the minimum essential knowledge and skills needed to achieve outcomes for public education declared by the State Board of Education.


To provide clear, consistent, and accurate information to applicants/certificate holders regarding certification rules, procedures, and processes. To enhance applicant/certificate holder satisfaction with the services and products provided by the Certification Branch.

Contact the Certification Branch

Please check the Certification Branch website regarding general information on your certification status before you telephone our office. Click on the Web site link provided: MSDE Certification Branch

1. Certification Assistance Line 410-767-0412 or 1-866-772-8922 (toll free).

Use this number to call for general information. Staff is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. except for state holidays. If you are currently employed in a local school system, you must contact your local school system Human Resources Office or Certification Office.

2. Write to us at the following address:

Maryland State Department of Education ATTN: Certification Branch 200 W. Baltimore Street Baltimore, Maryland 21201