Communications Survey

Communication is the bridge to parent involvement. The school system believes that when parents are involved and informed about the educational process and the options available to their children, students will reach their highest potential. The key to effective communication is to offer our parents and stakeholders a variety of communication tools. Variety helps to ensure that our parents remain well-informed and involved.

Every year, our parents are surveyed about the communication tools and sources that they find most effective. Results summaries from those surveys are below.

2018 Communications Survey

During the strategic planning process, when Communication & Collaboration was established as a strategic goal, a need was identified to use a research-based survey tool to measure communication effectiveness at the school and school system levels.

To that end, WCPS contracted with SCoPE Surveys to conduct a three-pronged survey that aligned to the National School Public Relations Association’s Rubrics for Practice and Suggested Measures. The survey collected responses from three key stakeholder groups: Parents, Staff, and the Community.

Executive Reports

Parent Survey
Faculty & Staff Survey
Community Survey
Overall Scorecard

2017 Communications Survey


2016 Communications Survey

2016 Communications Survey Presentation
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2015 Communications Survey

2015 Communications Survey Presentation
2015 Communications Survey Results Report