Health & Wellness


Wellness Policy and Procedures

The link between wellness and student learning is well-documented. Consistent with research, Worcester County Public Schools and the Worcester County Board of Education believe that students who adopt healthy eating patterns and incorporate physical activity into their daily lives are able to achieve their full academic potential, full physical and mental growth, and lifelong health and well-being.

The Wellness Policy and Procedures were developed in accordance with the following belief statements for students

"We believe that schools have a responsibility to help students establish and maintain lifelong, healthy eating patterns since research shows that good nutrition reduces the risk for mortality and the development of chronic adult diseases."

"We believe that physical activity contributes to wellness and, therefore, should be valued, modeled and promoted during the school experience."

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The Health and Wellness Mission for Staff is as follows:

The mission for staff is to create a culture of wellness by promoting opportunities that enhance the overall health and quality of life for all Worcester County Public School employees.