Minority Achievement

Accelerating Minority Achievement


Worcester County Public Schools continues to be committed to the academic achievement of all students. Achievement gaps are narrowing, but challenges still exist. One of our challenges relates to the African American achievement gap. With our committed teaching staff and with support from our parents and community, the school system will continue to make progress toward accelerating African American achievement and eliminating all achievement gaps.

What is the Achievement Gap?

The achievement gap represents the disparity in academic performance between different subgroups of students in regards to race/ethnicity, economic status, and gender. The achievement gap may also be defined in terms of the individual; it represents the distance from where the student is achieving in relation to the standard. Whether the achievement gap refers to a subgroup or an individual, the gap represents consistent differences in student academic achievement.

To review recommendations for improving African American student achievement and eliminating achievement gaps, see the Accelerating the Achievement of African American Students report found here.