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About Instructional Technology
The role of the instructional technology department, and the District Instructional Technology & innovation Coaches, is to assist with the implementation of and provide support for systemic instructional technology, hardware and software initiatives. These individuals provide extensive instructional, administrative and technical support to the school community and its stakeholders. 

District Instructional Technology & Innovation Coaches are actively providing support for the following:
 - Modeling technology integration into classroom and content area instructions
 - Online and face-to-face professional development opportunities
 - Training documentation development
 - Software and hardware research and selection processes
 - New school construction and renovation projects
 - Learning Management System needs 
 - Digital Tools Approval Process
 - Accessibility for Digital Tools

Creating with a Purpose
“Children are born full of curiosity about the world around them. Unleashing that curiosity through exploration and creative avenues helps students develop and communicate new ideas, become better problem solvers and discover ways to leave their mark in the world” (Apple, Everyone Can Create, p.1). 

Worcester County Public Schools (WCPS) challenges students to unleash their creative capacity with its 1:1 iPad Initiative. Harnessed in the ISTE Standards and concepts of Everyone Can Create, WCPS students express themselves through drawing, photography, video, and music on their iPads while meeting the rigor of the Maryland College and Career Readiness Standards.

Professional Learning Opportunities:
 - Apple Teacher Certification
 - Apple Vanguard Cohort
 - EdCamp Delmarva
 - ISTE Certification Cohort
 - Knights of the Round Table
 - Microsoft Innovative Educator Certification
 - WoCo Tech Summit

Student Device Package for All Students:
 - iPad 7th Generation
 - Logitech Keyboard Case
 - USB Power Adapter & Lightning Charger
 - Logitech Crayon Stylus

Learning Management System:
Schoology is WCPS’s Learning Management System. This high impact hub of learning allows students to collaborate and interact in synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. All students will receive instruction and curriculum through their individualized account and can access the platform 24-7.

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