Social Studies

Worcester County Public Schools Social Studies Program

Worcester County Public Schools provides a comprehensive social studies program that incorporates the National Council for Social Studies and Maryland State Standards for Social Studies. The program is balanced between history, geography, economics, and political science-government.

In elementary grades Kindergarten to grade 3 students progressively learn about families, neighborhoods, towns/communities, including Worcester County history, geography and government. Contemporary Maryland and Regions of the United States are studied in 4th Grade. Maryland and United States history is studied in 5th Grade. 5th grade has a focus unit on Financial Literacy based on the Center for Economic Education’s Financial Fitness for Life.

Worcester County middle school curricula consists of three courses of study, 6th Grade Ancient World History, 7th Grade World Geography and Financial Literacy, and 8th Grade United States History and Government. The middle school program emphasizes active learning models, reading and interpretation of primary and secondary sources, and a variety of opportunities how to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through a variety of performance and writing activities.

The high school social studies program in Worcester County is organized around the three required social studies courses, United States Government, Modern World History, and United States History. Electives include Psychology and Economics. Advanced Placement courses are available in United States History, World History, and (in some schools) Psychology and European History. All students are required to complete at least two research papers based on MLA standards for writing and pass the Maryland Government High School Assessment as part of their high school social studies requirement.

If you have any questions regarding the Social Studies program in Worcester County Public Schools please contact Jessica McInerney at [email protected].