Degree Levels

There are a couple different types of degree levels in the education world.  This will explain each one and how you can obtain them.

Master's Equivalency

36 credits past your bachelor's degree.  21 credits MUST be graduate level.  The remaining 15 credits can be undergraduate, graduate, or MSDE CPD credits.  MSDE requires all teaching certificate holders to have either their master's equivalency or master's degree within their first 10 years of teaching.

Master's +30

Teachers are not required to achieve their master's +30, but it gives you the opportunity to earn more money.  In order to achieve your master's +30, you must first earn your master's degree.  Once you have completed your master's degree, you can start working towards your +30.  Master's +30 consists of 60 credits past your bachelor's degree.  All 60 credits need to be graduate level, or 54 can be graduate level and the remaining 6 credits can be MSDE CPD's.  Your master's degree credits count towards your master's +30 credits.