Senior Teacher Exemption

What is Senior Teacher Exemption?

Senior Teacher Exemption is a waiver that you can request if you have an Advanced Professional Certificate (APC) AND meet one of the following:
-you are 55 years of age or older OR
-you have been employed as a teacher for 25 years or more

How do I apply for Senior Teacher Exemption?

You need to write a letter addressed to the Superintendent.  In your letter, indicate how you have met the Senior Teacher Exemption.  Send your signed letter to the human resources department, attention Julie Phillips.  Ms. Phillips will be sure the requirements have been met and an approval letter will be sent to you.

How long does the Senior Teacher Exemption waiver last?

The Senior Teacher Exemption waiver is in place until you resign or retire from Worcester County Public Schools.  Once you leave employment with us, the waiver expires.  Other Maryland counties may not recognize your STE waiver if you are hired by them.  MSDE does not recognize STE for teachers that are no longer employed by a Maryland county.  You would be responsible for taking the required six renewal credits in order to keep your teaching certificate active.