WeXL Scholastic Recognition

WeXL Scholastic Recognition Program



Worcester County Public Schools sets high expectations and goals, while promoting excellence in every facet of the educational system. The WeXL program fostered the development of: the Scholastic Recognition Program, Student of the Month Recognition, Board of Education Recognition, Perfect Attendance Incentive Program, Worcester Teacher of the Year Program, WeXL Honor Card Program, and individual school recognition of students, personnel, bus contractors, volunteers and businesses.

Below are descriptions of two WeXL Programs:

  • The Scholastic Recognition Banquet
  • WeXL Honor Card

Scholastic Recognition Banquet: (also known as the WeXL Banquet)

A Scholastic Recognition Banquet will be held in the late spring of every school year for all high school students who qualify. Each school will form a committee to verify which students have qualified. Below are explanations and requirements of each recognition available to students. Letters, pins, and certificates will be presented at the banquet.

Note: A marking period refers to the end-of-quarter classroom grade, as printed on a student's report card under the quarter column. There are four marking periods in a school year, shown as Q1, Q2, Q3, or Q4 on report cards. A marking period grade does not include the final course exam or the end-of-course/semester grade. Marking period grades are used to calculate Quarter Weighted GPAs.

Scholastic School Letter:

  1. To earn a scholastic letter, a student must maintain a 2.5 Quarter Weighted GPA, with no D's or F's in any course, for a range of four consecutive marking periods. This achievement equates to an Honor Roll status or higher.
  2. Consecutive marking periods can be in the same school year (Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4), or they can occur consecutively from one year to the next (Q3 and Q4 in Semester 2 of a school year, and Q1 and Q2 in Semester 1 of the very next school year).
  3. If a student does not earn a 2.5 Quarter Weighted GPA in a marking period immediately prior to the banquet, after having earned four consecutive marking periods not yet recognized, that student will still be invited to the banquet.
  4. To qualify, a student must be enrolled in at least two major courses (English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, World Language, Technology/Business, and Computer Science) or are enrolled in core courses of programs at Worcester Technical High School at a Level II or higher. .
  5. Exception 1: All students who have earned a 2.5 Quarter Weighted GPA for three consecutive marking periods in their ninth grade year, will qualify for the banquet in the late spring of their ninth grade year.
  6. Exception 2: Students new to Worcester County Public Schools in grades 10 - 12 who qualify for three consecutive marking periods immediately after enrollment will earn a scholastic school letter.

Note: Students who transfer from one Worcester County Public School high school to another will "carry" their consecutive marking periods with them and will have the number of eligible marking periods applied to their new school in our system.

Scholastic Bar Pin:

  1. The second time a student earns a 2.5 Quarter Weighted GPA, with no D's or F's in any course, for a range of four consecutive marking periods, the student will be presented with a bar pin to be added to the student's letter.
  2. A student will continue to earn bars for achieving this standard.

Scholastic Star Pin:

  1. To earn a scholastic star pin, a student must maintain a 3.5 Quarter Weighted GPA, with no grade below a B in any course, for a range of four consecutive marking periods. This achievement equates to a Distinguished Honor Roll status.
  2. A student will continue to earn stars for achieving this standard.

Consecutive A's Certificate:

  1. The same marking periods used to qualify for the Scholastic Recognition Banquet will be used to qualify a student for the Consecutive A's recognition.
  2. Consecutive marking period grades are used in this recognition, not end-of-course or semester grades.

WeXL Honor Card:

The Honor Card Program is a student incentive program that is sponsored by the Berlin, Ocean City, Ocean Pines, Snow Hill, and Pocomoke Chambers of Commerce. Earning the Honor Card entitles students in grades 6 - 12 within the Worcester County Public School System to earn discounts towards purchases of merchandise or services from participating businesses. The purpose of this program is to:

  • Provide an incentive for students to strive for academic excellence, outstanding attendance, and positive behavior;
  • Reward students for excelling in school; and
  • Promote school and community partnerships in educational excellence.

The Card:

The Honor Card is a student identification card that will contain the name of the school and student, the student's photograph, and the student's signature. The card may only be activated by displaying a sticker for the current marking period. This sticker will be displayed on the back of the card. Marking period stickers will be distributed to qualifying students after the end of the marking period (or quarter) and are non-transferable.


To qualify, a student must:

  • Earn grades of C or higher, with a Quarter Weighted GPA of 2.5 or higher;
  • Have no unlawful absences; and
  • Have no office referrals during the marking period.