Student Services

The department of Student Services is an integral part of the educational process. The department's primary focus is to remove barriers to student learning and student achievement. The staff addresses issues through prevention and intervention strategies in order to help students overcome learning challenges and to achieve higher academic levels.

Student Services also assists schools in maintaining safe and nurturing school environments. The Student Services staff is committed to providing direct case- management services to students and families experiencing academic, social or emotional problems. The Student Services umbrella includes guidance and counseling, health services, psychological services, special education, alternative education, health education and other programs such as home schooling and dropout prevention.

Student Services is also responsible for providing leadership and technical assistance to schools in order to facilitate the emotional, mental, social, and physical health of all students. The Student Services staff is comprised of a supervisor, three caseworkers known as Student Services Specialists, and a Family and School Connections Facilitator.

Nicole Selby | 410-632-5079 Supervisor of Student Services

Student Services Specialists

Student Services Specialists (SSS) are trained to assess student needs and act as a motivating force in removing barriers to student success. Specialists are the link between the school, community, and family. The primary role of an SSS is to be an advocate for all students and a consultant to school staff and parents/guardians on a variety of issues such as attendance, discipline, counseling, residency and crisis support for schools.

In an effort to forge home, school, and community partnerships, the Student Services Specialists serve as liaisons to local and state agencies and other community resources. The Student Services Specialists collaborate with school administrators, teachers, agencies and service providers to coordinate services for families so that the student may achieve the maximum benefit from their educational experience. Our school system is fortunate to have one SSS for each of the county's three areas: Berlin/Ocean City, Snow Hill, and Pocomoke.

Some of the most common functions of the Student Services Specialist include:

  • Assisting parents / guardians with student enrollment
  • Counseling / conferencing with individuals and groups
  • Coordinating education for homeless and kinship care students
  • Providing assistance in resolving school custody situations
  • Conducting home visits to promote family involvement
  • Responding to emergency welfare situations for students and families
  • Collaborating with classroom teachers
  • Providing crisis support for schools
  • Interpreting school and Board of Education policies and procedures for students, families and community
  • Coordinating home and hospital teaching
  • Monitoring/supervising home schooling cases
  • Investigating out-of-county and out-of-district residency issues
  • Monitoring student attendance and truancy
  • Arranging or coordinating school meetings with parents
  • Providing case management for suspended and/or expelled students
  • Monitoring alternative education placements

Our school system is fortunate to have one SSS for each of the county's three areas: Berlin/Ocean City, Snow Hill, and Pocomoke.

Timothy Gebhardt | 410-632-5080

Kennis Austin | 410-632-5069

Stephen Boyd | 410-632-5054

School and Family Connections Facilitator

As the role and need for Student Services continue to increase, so has the need for an additional position; a Family and School Connections Facilitator. This facilitator will provide increased, in-depth and long-term support to students and families.

Other essential duties will include:

  • Provide intensive educational case management
  • Develop individual case management plans
  • Make regular home visits
  • Coordinate ongoing activities to provide information and support to build on family strengths such as workshops, responding to parents' requests regarding school-related home learning activities, appropriate support homework assistance, school regulations, and testing.

Tasha Hoffler | 410-629-9575


Student Services Specialists and the Family and School Connection Facilitator will continue to provide and maintain a bridge between learning and social factors that impact educational achievement. Students and families have complex needs and interests, which extend beyond the educational system. Each student has unique characteristics. Cultural, physical, social and emotional factors are all important. The strength of the department lies in the expertise of our staff and their genuine and sincere concern for the children of Worcester County.