Maryland Youth Tobacco & Risk Behavior Survey

Maryland Youth Tobacco and Risk Behavior Survey

The State of Maryland, in cooperation with the MD Department of Health and the Maryland State Department of Education has conducted biennial school-based health and risk behavior surveys for the last 20 years. The Maryland Youth Risk Tobacco and Risk Behavior Survey (MYTRBS) will provide data on core categories of risk behaviors identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

This survey is COMPLETELY, 100% anonymous. There is NO student data collected, not even their name or student id number. Middle and High School students are selected at random based on a selection of period two teachers. The CDC develops the questions and the last one-third of the questions include five adverse childhood experience questions as mandated by Education Article (7-420), tobacco use surveillance questions as mandated by Health-General Article (13-1004) and other stakeholder requests. 

The results of the survey is provided for every county and Baltimore City. No school-specific data will be released, as the survey is only designed to provide valid estimates at the jurisdiction and state levels. 

Survey highlights:
     --The surveyors who assist will NOT collect any student identifiable information, 
     --The surveyors will follow all Covid-19 protocols for the school,
     --The following categories will be addressed in the survey:  Injury prevention, violence-related behavior, bullying and cyberbullying, tobacco and vape use, marijuana and other drug use, sexual behaviors, nutrition and fitness, alcohol usage. 
     --Due to the pandemic, the survey will also ask questions about: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), disability, food insecurity, gambling and mental health. 

For state level questions, please contact Nikardi Jallah, MDH at [email protected] or Lynne Muller, MSDE at [email protected] 

For Worcester County administration questions, please contact Coordinator of Instruction, Tamara Mills at [email protected] 

To see results from the most recent administration of the MYTRBS in our schools, please see: 

Below is an opt-out letter, if you would not like your child to participate in this survey:
MYRBS Opt Out (English)
MYRBS Opt Out (Spanish)
MYRBS Opt Out (Haitian Creole)