Bus Routes

Worcester County Public School bus routes are broken down into three major routes: the Northend Routes, the Pocomoke Area Routes and the Snow Hill Area Routes.


The Board of Education provides safe bus transportation for all elementary, middle, and high school students who live more than one mile from their school or those students who face hazardous walking conditions.

School bus drivers undergo a thorough initial training program and continue with inservice training during each school year. In addition, bus drivers are required to meet health and driving record standards. Each bus is thoroughly safety tested and inspected according to guidelines set by Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration.

From the Procedure Manual:
Section XI, Item F
Students shall be expected to walk the same distance to the bus stop as students who are not eligible for transportation - one (1) mile.

Digital Video Recorders on School Buses

All school buses have been equipped with state-of-the-art digital video recorders (DVRs). The DVRs provide our bus drivers and school administrators with monitoring enhancements to ensure the safe transportation of all students. The digital monitoring system is able to record at night, provides expanded visibility, is temperature resistant, and records in color.

The DVR equipment is not intended to circumvent the responsibility of the bus driver to manage students' behavior and maintain a safe atmosphere on the bus.

The digital recordings will provide additional information to school administrators to (1) resolve situations that the bus driver does not witness; (2) resolve accusations against a bus driver made by a student or parent; (3) clarify events that the bus driver did not witness in their entirety; or (4) provide information to support the investigation of an accident involving a school bus.

The conditions regarding the persons who may view the taped information, the specific segments of a tape that may be viewed, and the procedures for viewing taped information are determined by the Superintendent of Schools.

Parent Responsibilities
Students should stand in a safe location away from traffic but within 100 feet of the designated bus stop. Parents should discuss bus rules and appropriate behavior with their child. When necessary, parents should monitor behavior at stops.

Bus Rules

  1. Always follow directions given by the driver who is responsible for your safety. If a street must be crossed, stand 10 feet in front of the bus and wait until the driver indicates by P.A. System that it is safe to cross!! Students must not cross divided highways!

  2. Be on time at the bus stop! Please be at your bus stop five minutes early. The bus can not and will not wait for late students.

  3. All riders will be assigned a bus. Stops are designated by the Supervisor of Transportation.

  4. Riders must get on / off at their assigned stop. If you wish to get on / off at any other stop, a written request must be approved by a school administrator.

  5. During bus evacuation drills or emergency evacuations, follow directions given by the driver and student monitors.

  6. Do not stand or play in the roadway while waiting for the bus.
    Remain seated at all times. Do not extend arms and / or heads from the windows.

  7. No objects shall be thrown out the windows.

  8. For your safety, eating or drinking is not allowed on the bus. Food and drinks should be kept in a lunchbox and/or brown bag. Pencils, crayons and any other pointed objects, needed for school, must be kept in book bags or notebooks.

  9. Large items, such as band instruments, cannot be put in aisles or under seats. They must be held.

  10. All riders will be assigned a seat by the bus driver. Students will be responsible for maintaining the assigned seat and will be held accountable for damages to the seat. Students who intentionally damage the bus will also be subject to disciplinary action.

  11. The privilege of riding the bus will be denied to those whose behavior jeopardizes the safe operation of the bus or infringes on the rights of other students on the bus.

Discipline Procedures

All students will receive a copy of the School Bus Discipline Procedures. Included will be information on student responsibilities, bus driver responsibilities, bus infractions and the range of consequences for misbehavior.