Pocomoke High School Launches Writing Center

Pocomoke High School Launches Writing Center
Posted on 12/15/2014

A ribbon cutting marked the symbolic opening of Pocomoke High School's Writing Center on December 12. The Writing Center seeks to help students hone their writing skills in preparation for college and career. Three published authors joined Pocomoke High School's English Department, school administration, school system leadership, students, and the Jazz Combo for the celebratory opening.

With college in mind, Pocomoke High's English Department and school administration designed the center to reflect writing centers found on college campuses. "The center gives students a flexible environment - a little bit different, a bit more fluid - so they can be relaxed and in their element," said Pocomoke High School Principal Annette Wallace. Today, that's the environment where students work best, said Wallace.

The Writing Center will be open to students four afternoons a week, from 3 - 5 p.m. One evening will be devoted to college applications and scholarship essays, while three evenings will be focused on providing writing support. According to English Department Chair Beth Price, students are very interested in receiving support on college applications and scholarship essays. "We want Pocomoke students to be able to go everywhere they want to go and to do whatever they want to accomplish," said Price. The Writing Center, according to Price, will give students the time and a quiet place to prepare writing requirements for higher education.

"Everyone is a writer," said Wallace. Junior Li Curtis Whitney agrees. "Writing flows naturally," Li Curtis said. He authored a poem called "The Switch" which won first place in a schoolwide writing contest. Li Curtis read his poem at The Writing Center opening.

Three published authors helped commemorate the opening by reading excerpts from one of their novels or poem anthologies. Best selling author David Poyer has authored about 45 novels of which 38 have been published. His naval experience has been the backdrop for many of his books. A romance novelist, Joan LeBlanc enjoys learning and writing about World War II. Dr. Henry Maxson is a co-author with Claudia Young on historical novels about the underground railroad. Maxson is also passionate about poetry. All three authors read excerpts and answered questions from the audience.

For LeBlanc, writing took the place of normal childhood boredom. "Writing introduced me to the wonderful world beyond my home," said LeBlanc.