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National Blue Ribbon Schools


Graduation Rate


Student Attendance Rate

$13.7 M

Scholarships Offered to the Class of 2022


Employees holding a Master's Degree or higher


High School students who participate in CTE

1 : 1

Technology Device to Student Ratio


Carrie Moore

“Living in Worcester County and working for WCPS is truly a dream come true. My colleagues are the most passionate, dedicated, and hard-working people, and they inspire me every day." – Carrie Moore @SHMS

Amanda Krantz

"The encouragement of continuous learning within our school system creates a culture of innovation. The knowledge and skills acquired through professional development empower me, significantly enhancing my effectiveness as a teacher." - Amanda Krantz, Teacher @ PHS

Jason Konyar

"Living in Worcester county, I can't think of a better place to work or raise my children. I take pride in our schools and our way of life." - Jason Konyar, Teacher @ SHHS

Andrea Kominos

"Worcester fosters an unparalleled sense of community. We operate as a cohesive unit, providing unwavering support and encouragement to both our colleagues and students." - Andrea Kominos, Teacher @ SES

Gabrielle Remington

" I absolutely love being a WCPS teacher! The community's warmth and support, coupled with the curiosity and enthusiasm of my students, make every day a joy-filled adventure. Teaching here fills my heart with so much love and purpose!" - Gabrielle Remington, Teacher @SDMS

Lisa Ballance

"The relationships and connections I have made with WCPS colleagues, students and families have been extremely rewarding. We build each other up and work together to provide the best education possible for our students." -Lisa Ballance, Teacher @ PES

Michelle Bradley

"As a proud Worcester County Public Schools graduate, I can speak to the fact that Worcester is like a family. We support one another, celebrate together, and encourage one another to be our best, so our students get the best." - Michelle Bradley, Teacher @ PHS

David Wells

"Being a Worcester County public school teacher means working for the best! Worcester County Schools operate as a family, who always put our children first by giving our absolute best every day. " - David Wells, Teacher @ BIS

Michaela Hatlee

"To teach in Worcester is to love and be loved. It’s a place that I have always felt respected and valued even through the toughest of times. I thank God every day that the stars aligned and led me to a district that feels like home." - Michaela Hatlee, Teacher @ BES

Stephen Zubko

"Worcester County Public Schools wholeheartedly invests in every student and member!" - Stephen Zubko, Teacher @ PMS

Brittany Tracy

"Where else can you reach out to colleagues across the county for advice, support, and ideas to increase your effectiveness with students? This is something unique to Worcester." - Brittany Tracy, Teacher @ SDHS