Image of fresh produce and fruits


Worcester County Public Schools believes that students who adopt healthy eating patterns and incorporate physical activity into their daily lives are able to achieve their full academic potential, full physical and mental growth, and lifelong health and well-being. The food served by our school cafeterias meets all USDA dietary guidelines and promotes healthful eating.

All schools offer a nutritious breakfast and lunch each school day. A variety of menu choices are available, as well as a vegetarian choice. Students have a minimum of three choices each day. They must also choose a fruit or vegetable with each entree. Students may purchase a meal. an ala carte item, or milk. Students are encouraged to purchase an entire meal to sensure that it is balanced.

For some helpful tips on how to incorporate the full spectrum of fruits and vegetables, please view our new nutrition newsletter: Color Your Diet. This newsletter was created by Amy Reed and Jeneta Culton, University of Maryland Eastern Shore dietetic interns.

Current Meal Costs

Breakfast: $1.40
Elementary School Lunch: $2.45
Middle School Lunch: $2.45
High School Lunch: $2.85
Adult Lunch: $4.35
Ala Carte Milk: $0.55